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Alex Long袁隆公共艺术项目2019-recently(含简介部分)_页面_19.jpg


Plastics possess a global feature since almost everyone is surrounded by this material all the time. Its advantages include plasticity, corrosion resistance and low-cost bear and satisfy various human desires, as a result, plastic products have flooded into modern civilized life. Seemingly, we glut ourselves with such embodiment of daily desires which, actually, devour us, and seriously violate the ecological environment.

Based on this background, the artist choose the plastic bottle, the majority of plastic waste, as the base material for the installation. A total of 20,000 bottles are collected from nearly 4,000 families, but this number is only 1/50 of the global consumption of plastic bottles per minute. In the process, I asked each family to fill out a collection card and embarked on my work with volunteers from different walks of life. By this localized creation, the life circle of artistic work can be further expanded into the public level.

The installation is built in a passage with plastic bottles used to symbolized our desires. Under the refraction of light, abstract shapes, goregous,illusory and varied, display a sense of expansion. The front part of installation conveys strong oppression in this space. People have to lean forward when passing through the installation, as if they are squeezed by'desire'. When viewers approach, the slowly changing light in every unit will speed up like their heartbeat stimulated by overwhelming desires. Then as the audiences enters the later part, bottles diminish and the space become open and broad, indicating a new and refreshing lifestyle abandoning over-consumption of resourses.

portfolio 2019 (Alex Long)_页面_19.jpg

DIMENSIONS:3.5*8*1.5M (CHANGEABLE)                                                                                                              


Photo Taken in Columbia Circle

Yuan Long_portfolio.jpg
portfolio 2019 (Alex Long)_页面_18.jpg

Exhibition history

Regeneration International Art Exhibition, Columbia Circle, Shanghai, China, 2019

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