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In the history of human civilization, the garden has acted a significant role due to its dual property of nature and society. Its transformation between the private and the public gives expression to human’s attempt to take possession of nature; while actually, we are only a small part of the residents on earth, who share this planet with other species.

Being a localized element, the bamboo in my work is presented on a long scroll. Slender sprouts and blossoming bamboo together comprise an endless circular field. Echoing the artificial landscape at the center of work, it serves as a metaphor for the infinity of universe and the transience of humanistic nature. The structure of main body reminds people of the tradition of building pavilions with bamboo which, as an important element of traditional gardens, enjoys a special status in the development of Chinese economy and culture. It is not only a cultural carrier pursued by the literati but also closely related with every aspect of Chinese people. Meanwhile, it is one of the valuable sustainable resources as it grows fast to absorb carbon emission, perfectly in line with the current expectation for a more sustainable relationship between man and nature.

In the eye of universe, the human history appears to happen in a twinkling. The nature we love, destroy and cherish may be a relics in this dimension, running into an unforeseeable era. 

Using the garden as a carrier, Pavilion II continues the discussion about the relationship between man and nature against the cross-cultural context in the Anthropocene era.

Long_Yuan_Ma Sculpture_CAM_Pavilion II_image credit_2021(9)_West Bund Art Center.jpg


DIMENSIONS: 3m in height, 4m in diameter

MATERIALS: bamboo, brass, fibre, stainless steel, water circulation system

Photo Taken in West Bund Art Centre

Long_Yuan_Ma Sculpture_CAM_Pavilion II_image credit_2021(10)_West Bund Art Center.jpg

Exhibition history

Future Lab,West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai, China, 2021

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