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In this era of post-globalization, the global butterfly effect caused by unrestrained human activities and individuals has not only brought about positive effects, but also caused immeasurable trauma and side effects.


In this context, as a multidisciplinary artist, Alex Long Yuan centres his research on humans’ living state in modern times and the relationships between humans and nature, humans and humans across cultures, in a bid to find the most suitable form of expression through a variety of interdisciplinary research and artistic experiments, so as to discuss and explore in-depth how humans can best live in harmony with the blue planet and what would their rebuilt future look like if humans put their civilization as a relics in the infinite dimension of the universe. 


In his opinion, artistic creations are not just about materials or components but the conceptual meaning injected by a series of events or the process of creation into them to make them more enduring and powerful.


In accordance with the requirements of his works and projects, Alex Long Yuan often cooperate with people and organizations with different backgrounds, including scientists, ornithologists, NGOs, museum etc. Adept at the artistic expression in public spaces and inter-media creation, his work probes into multiple challenges; confronting humans and nature in the Anthropogenic age.

self portrait.jpg

                                            <Self Portrait>  30*40cm  acrylic paint on acrylic board  

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